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In light of the ease of access to affordable vaccines and vaccination facilities, ICFC allows all player members to participate maskless and unrestricted in all full contact athletic activity, provided the player has received two rounds of any approved Covid-19 vaccine at any vaccination site recognized by Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services. 

Any unvaccinated player member of ICFC will be subject to certain precautionary restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19 within the club and within the larger Madison community. These restrictions include, but are not limited to: 

● Unvaccinated players will don a clean and well-fitting face mask that properly covers the Player’s entire nose and mouth and sufficiently inhibits the transmission of virus-carrying respiratory particulates. This excludes coverings that provide a single layer of protection, such as bandanas, ski-masks, and pulled-up-shirts. 

● Masks will be donned from the moment the unvaccinated player steps out of their vehicle to the moment the unvaccinated player returns to their vehicle; or, if the player doesn’t arrive in a vehicle, from the moment the player approaches the general gathering of other players to the moment the player departs. 

● Unvaccinated players are authorized to remove their face coverings for the purpose of hydrating themselves and only of hydrating themselves. In this case, the player is required to remove themselves from all other players by 12 feet, or double the advised distance for proper social distance-ing. The increased distance-ing is owed to the fact that rigorous training is shown to increase the distance that disease-carrying particulates will spread. 

● Without exception, all unvaccinated players are required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result to an ICFC administrator prior to the first ICFC-organized event of any given week. ICFC-organized events include, but are not limited to: training sessions, games, and fundraising events.


Test results are not required to be submitted in weeks where no ICFC-organized event will take place. 

It is the responsibility of the unvaccinated players to report their vaccination status to their coach, to their captain, and to the ICFC Registrar. By participating in Isthmus City club activities, players authorize any Executive Director to inquire about and record their vaccination in the Club’s player rosters. Players hereby acknowledge that misrepresenting their vaccination status to the Club is grounds for revocation of membership. All ICFC players acknowledge that, by failing to act in accordance with this policy, they shall be subject to immediate dismissal from any training session or game. Any player that repeatedly violates this policy is subject to revocation of their membership

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