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Isthmus City FC is the top amateur soccer club at the heart of Madison's vibrant soccer community. At ICFC, we recognize the powerful effect that organized competitive soccer has on players and community development.

When you contribute to Isthmus City, you already play a central role in leading our teams to success, in developing our team's competitive edge, and in guiding the Club's future. You become a part of ICFC

The Club thrives through the financial support of people like you, but your financial situation will never be a barrier to joining the greatest soccer club in Madison. For most, the easiest path to joining the Club is to make a contribution in keeping with your financial resources, as low as $1.

For other non-financial contributions please send us a note on our contact page

Donation levels & gift

$5 - You're in the club
$50 - Free T-shirt
$100 - Free premium training top

Isthmus City FC is operating as a non-profit organization; however, we have not yet finalized 501 status. As such your contributions are not tax-deductible. But your contributions will help us complete the proper filings such that we can be in the future.

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Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

Happy Isthmus City FC Players
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