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"The Isthmus" Soccer Jersey for 2024 Semi-Pro UPSL Season


November 25th, 2023

Madison WI

Isthmus City FC along with founding partners Torq Labs & Bromely Sports have completed the design, development, and manufacturing of "THE ISTHMUS" soccer


The Isthmus kit comes in three unique styles aiming to reflect the history of soccer in Madison Wisconsin, as well as to help people understand exactly what an Isthmus is in a geographical sense.

The style options include: Teal & White, Navy & Black, Navy & Gray, and Sky & Gray for the goalkeepers.

An Isthmus is a naturally occurring geographic phenomena wherein a small strip of land if surrounded by two bodies of water. Wisconsin's Capitol square can be found right in the middle of the isthmus geographically, as well as physically on "The Isthmus" soccer jersey.

The colors included reflect the club crest that support its credo "the greatest soccer club in Madison, Wisconsin"

The Isthmus Soccer Jersey can be purchased online at

photos by: Aram Aghababian



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