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Isthmus City Football Club Is Officially Incorporated!

MADISON, Wisconsin - Isthmus City Football Club is ecstatic to announce its founding as a nonstock corporation under WI Ch. 181! ICFC exists to burgeon an eclectic and welcoming soccer community, to serve its local geographic community, and to provide an atmosphere of general revelry. Isthmus City FC is built upon the idea that athleticism, and more specifically glorious soccer, should be accessible to adults of all ages within any given geographic community.

ICFC ventures to develop such an atmosphere, and by building a community centered on that redoubtable, ineluctable, the preeminent and most decorous game of association football, the Club hopes in turn to strengthen the social fabric of its larger surrounding communities. While the Club awaits the approval of its nonprofit status, the Club is accepting non tax-deductible contributions through our website. To make a specially designated contribution, please open a line of communication with ICFC's current president, Julian Holtzman, at



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